A design with beauty
as a tool.

Knives that inspire cooking.

Now, let's begin with GLOBAL

When we enjoy our daily meal, everyday life will be so much fun.
If our daily life is delightful, our life can be enriched.
Cooking brings happiness to people.
Therefore, it is meaningless in focusing solely on a kitchen knife's ability to cut.
A knife that inspires you to create a meal, is what we call it a “kitchen knife.”
That firm belief gave birth to GLOBAL, the all-stainless steel kitchen knife series.
Our goal is to make you exciting every time you hold this tool,
with the ultimate functional beauty of its design.
Our wish is to encourage you new culinary challenges by its amazing sharpness.
Creating delicious dishes is fun, but when they made someone happy, it’s not just fun but a special moment.
What kind of dish will you make?
Who will you make happy with your cooking?