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YOSHIKIN, GLOBAL, GLOBAL-IST, GLOBAL-PRO, CROMOVA and Dot Patterns are registered trademarks owned by YOSHIDA METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
For the GLOBAL brand, although we are doing everything possible to stop the counterfeiters, most of the counterfeit knives are being produced in China and very seemingly as soon as one factory is stopped another begins. The counterfeit knives are being sold primarily on the world’s largest eCommerce website – eBay. Much broader audience is being victimized on eBay. Most of counterfeit or imitation goods are being sold under a different name, as a set of 9 or 11 knives, such as Professional knife set, Chef knife set, etc. reproducing our Dot Pattern trademarks on the handles. All genuine GLOBAL knives carry on their blade our Brands of YOSHIKIN, GLOBAL and CROMOVA, as well as the indication of geographical origin of “Japan”.