• Knives

    • What is the difference between Cook’s, SANTOKU, and Oriental knife?

      Cook’s knife is major knife in western countries as a general knife, which has long and slime blade that allows you to do slicing and “back-slicing” compare to SANTOKU and Oriental knife. On the other hand, SANTOKU and Oriental knife are typical general knife, born in Japan. They have features of both cook’s and vegetable knife that makes you do “push-slice” comfortably.

    • What is “single-bevel” blade?

      It is a type of blade that has sharpened only on one side. Most of the Japanese fish knife (IST-05 DEBA knife) and sashimi knife (IST-06 Yanagi knife) are single-bevel, while general utility knife such as cook’s knife (G-2 Cook’s) and santoku knife (G-46 SANTOKU) are double-bevel.

    • What is “scalloped” blade?

      It is a type of blade that has wavy edge. Most of the bread knife (G-9 Bread, GS-61 Bagel/Sandwich, IST-04 Bread knife) has scalloped blade.

    • How do I choose the size and blade length?

      One of the way to choose a knife, is to choose based on the size of the food you mostly cook. If you cook large vegetables such as cabbage from whole or 1/2 size, blade length more than 18cm is recommended.
      Also, the cooking space at your kitchen and cutting board size do matter. Please check the body length of the knife as well as the blade length.

  • Products

    • Do you have a knife for left-handed?

      For single-bevel knives (IST-05 DEBA knife, IST-06 YANAGIBA knife) we have for both right-handed and left-handed. General utility knife (G-2 Cook’s, G-46 SANTOKU, IST-01 Utility knife) is basically double-bevel, which can be use for everyone.

    • Where can I purchase export-limited items?

      Our YOSHIKIN SHOP Roppongi carries export-limited items. Please check GLOBAL Export page or contact us from our CONTACT US page.

    • Will it be a problem to sharpen by whetstones instead of sharpeners?

      Use of whetstone to re-sharpen is the best way for all knives, especially for GLOBAL-IST series and single-bevel knives.

    • When do I use sharpeners? How often?

      Please use the sharpener when you felt that the blade is blunt.

  • How to handle

    • Are GLOBAL and GLOBAL-IST dishwasher/dish dryer safety?

      Use of dishwasher/dish dryer may cause rust. Please wash with sponge and neutral detergent, wipe off water with dry cloth, and store in a place where it is not humid.

    • May I use bleach?

      Please refrain from using bleach. The chlorine found in bleach may cause rust. To antisepticize the knife, please pour boiled water.

    • My knife got rust.

      Stainless steel may not rust as carbon steel, however, it may get rust under improper environment. Please read HOW TO HANDLE page for more information. The rust may be removed by using polish and melamine sponge.

    • My knife broke.

      Please contact us from CONTACT US page.

    • What kind of cutting board is recommended?

      One of the features of our knives is the sharp and delicate edge. Please use a soft type of cutting board made of wood (except olive and bamboo) or plastic.

  • Re-sharpening

    • Do you have re-sharpening service?

      Yes, however, the service is limited in Japan.
      For customers who live overseas, please ask the store you have purchased.
      If you live or planning to visit Japan (more than 10 days), please ask us for information from CONTACT US page.

  • Name printing

    • Will you do name printing to knife purchased at other store?

      Yes. Please bring to our YOSHIKIN SHOP Roppongi. For customers who are visiting from overseas, please ask us for information from CONTACT US page.

    • Can you do name printing to other maker’s knives?

      Name printing is limited to our brand. Please ask if you wish to know if your requesting item(s) is possible to be name printed from CONTACT US page.

    • How many letters can you print?

      25 letters (alphabet, numbers, and symbols) including space.

    • How long does it take to do laser name printing?

      We do name printing at YOSHIKIN SHOP ROPPONGI. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes per one knife to be printed.

  • Online store / Mail order

    • Do you accept mail order or from CONTACT US form?

      Yes, however, the payment will be only by cash-on-delivery (pay when you receive the package).

    • Do you have English page for online store?

      We are sorry, our online store only has Japanese-text page.

    • Do you do international shipping?

      We are sorry, we do not do international shipping.

    • Will you send it to the hotel I am staying?

      Yes. Please do confirm by yourself to the hotel where you are staying if they accept cash-on-delivery package, ordered by visitors.

  • Yoshinkin shop

    • Do you have tax-free service?

      Yes. Please bring your original passport with you. *Tax-free is only for non-residents/temporary visitors (less than 6 months stay).

    • Will you keep on hold in advance?

      Yes, we keep on hold for one week. Please contact us from CONTACT US page.

    • Will you deliver the purchased item(s) to my home/hotel?

      Yes, we have domestic shipping service for purchased item(s). If you wish to send to the hotel, please confirm to the hotel concierge by yourself before sending the package.

    • Do you have gift wrapping service?

      Yes, we have free gift wrapping service.

    • Do you accept credit card?

      Yes, we accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, and Union Pay.

    • Do you have name printing and re-sharpening service?

      Yes. For more information, please check our SERVICE page.

    • Which brand can I purchase at the store?

      GLOBAL series including export-limited items (there are exceptions,) GLOBAL-IST series, and Bunmei series. Please check our SHOP ITEMS or contact us for more information.

    • Do you have parking lot?

      There is a multilevel parking lot at the building where our shop is located. Please note that we do not give parking ticket.

    • When is your business hour?

      Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sundays and National holidays are closed. We also have summer and winter holiday closure.

  • Other

    • Where can I find your knife other than YOSHIKIN SHOP ROPPONGI?

      Our brand is available at major department store, TOKYU HANDS, LOFT, 212 Kitchen Store and other select shop. Please contact to the store you are planning to visit for information about items and stocks.