The unending challenge

Brand Story

The challenge to defy
general idea of kitchen knives
began in an industrial town

Before going on to create the GLOBAL knife series, Yoshida Metal Industry (Yoshikin) found its beginnings in 1954 as a stainless steel cutlery manufacturer in Tsubame City, Niigata, an industrial area where numerous cutlery manufacturers gathered.
Then one day, founder Yuzo Watanabe came across a stainless steel kitchen knife with excellent sharpness.
Back then when it was said that "carbon steel is the usual material for kitchen knives. Stainless steel doesn't cut very well," Watanabe saw interesting potential in the material and set up a development team for a stainless steel kitchen knife.
They traveled all around Japan to research steel materials and knife manufacturing technology.
After much trial and error, they succeeded in making the stainless steel kitchen knife with wooden handle, Bunmei Gincho series. It was met with high praise as an inventive product that has both carbon steel–level sharpness and rust resistance.
But this was not the end of Yoshikin's innovative challenges.

The beauty of "less is more“ created the beloved knife,
beyond time and borders

Once stainless steel kitchen knives became popular among the domestic market, Yoshikin began developing new product—GLOBAL, a kitchen knife with a seamless, all-stainless steel structure.
Defying the general idea that kitchen knives had to have wooden handles, they reached the point where the product design is simple yet one and only.
Boasting the comfortable sharpness and durability with sanitary protection and design,
the beauty of "less is more" became popular worldwide, gradually gained domestic acclaim.
40 years since its debut, GLOBAL is still beloved tool in the kitchens all over the world as a stunningly beautiful kitchen knife.

For today's best, and aim for tomorrow's best,
there is no end to product creation

"We want to get feedback from customers."
This is what most of the crafters in Yoshikin often say.
Making one GLOBAL knife requires intricate processing techniques by several crafters.
Each crafter keeps the person who will use the knife in mind as they undertake their task in pursuit of a perfectly finished product.
There have been no major changes to the design of GLOBAL since its birth,
in spite, crafters are always striving for better quality. Their accumulation of effort, research, and technological innovation creates new GLOBAL every day.