Shift from “preparation” to “creation”

Made in Japan, Made for Japan.
For home chefs in Japan who create diverse cuisines.

We believe that cooking is not mere housework.
It is about creating a strong bonding between people we love.
For at-home chefs in Japan who agree to our belief,
The GLOBAL-IST series was born to pour their love into their cooking.

The Japan-born GLOBAL-IST knives have been designed for Japanese food culture with the worldwide acclaimed GLOBAL series as its origin. The knives are the form of our philosophy – “The GLOBAL knives deliver the greatest pleasure, joy, and bond to you”. The lineups have an enough range for at-home chefs, who are fascinated in cooking.
The name “GLOBAL-IST” was chosen because we want the ‘creators’ of home-dining who empathize our philosophy, and express “GLOBAL-ism” on their dining table with the benefits of the great lineups of the GLOBAL-IST.

Features of the GLOBAL-IST series

Introducing the features of the GLOBAL-IST series – YOSHIKIN’s proud products designed for sufficient cooking scenes.

1Improved functionality with comfortableness

YOSHIKIN has succeeded in realizing better functionalities and sharpness in the GLOBAL-IST series to make it suitable for home-cooking as its main theme. The improvement can be seen in the sharpness, length, the design of the handles, and weight of the products, which we have endeavored to produce, out of the frame of usual cooking knives. The GLOBAL-IST series is designed for home chefs, who pursue authentic styles of cooking for cuisines from Asian to Western styles.

2Amazing lineup for any cooking scenes

The GLOBAL-IST series has been originally designed for home cooking in Japan, which creates a variety of cuisines including Japanese, western and Chinese as well as different cooking methods. It is essential to use adequate cooking knives in order to make full use of the benefit of ingredients and precise preparations. Your cooking process such as cutting, chopping, peeling, and slicing becomes authentic with the lineup of the GLOBAL-IST series.

3Extra Edge

The GLOBAL-IST series realizes sharpness and sufficient durability* with its extremely smooth edge, which we have achieved by introducing fine-grade water stone and strop that are usually used for sharpening Traditional Japanese knives. This “Extra Edge” can create a smoother, more beautiful cut-surface of food ingredients. A knife sharpener for easy care is available when the knives become dull.
* The sharpness and durability have been tested by comparing our products.