Shift from “preparation” to “creation”


Shift from “preparation” to “creation”
–the new definition of cooking.

Cooking is not just a household labor. It is an expression of yourself.
Instead of thinking about reduction, how about finding a pleasure in every movement? GLOBAL-IST series was born for people who dream of becoming a “chef-at-home” with ambition and creativity.


We believe that cooking is a communication method, which crosses over any kind of wall –gender, age, race, status, etc. It is “a worldwide tool.” GLOBAL-IST series fully embodies this GLOBALism. The name, “GLOBAL-IST” is for you who have empathy to our GLOBALism.



Characteristics of GLOBAL-IST

GLOBAL is loved by people all over the world by reflecting the needs of each market. On the other hand, GLOBAL-IST series lives up to Japanese identity rather than varying the style. Our basic theme was to find out how knives should work for people who love to cook both Japanese and Western cuisine in Japan. We improve the sharpness and comfort to match them to Japanese concept. Details such as the edge style, blade length, handle design, and weight were examined. Especially for the edge, we adopted the new style, which we named “extra-edge” that has higher sharpness and longer durability. We also verified how to make items complement each other, and completed the new series with four Western-style knives and two Japanese-style knives to fulfill your wish to do authentic cooking at your kitchen.

Technique to sharpen by whetstone was needed for the edge like GLOBAL-IST series, but now it is exception. In addition, we invented a new sharpener exclusive to GLOBAL-IST. The ability of this new sharpener is also another uniqueness of GLOBAL-IST.

GLOBAL-IST IST-02 Small Utility Knife 15cm



A new sharpening method to sharpen by water stone and strop, normally used to sharpen Japanese knives. By finishing the edge extremely smooth, it makes a clean cutting surface to the foods.

*  Sharpness and durability is compared to our company’s products.


Utility Knife 19cm

Full length: 32cm
Blade length: 19cm
Blade width: 4.5cm
Weight: 175g
Blade ingredient: cutlery stainless steel(contains molybdenum vanadium)/ Handle: 18-8stainless steel
Blade type: double-bevel
Price: 10,000 yen (tax not included)

The main axis of GLOBAL-IST series. Re-examining from the basic idea of usefulness, this knife is created for both ordinary use to exquisite slicing. This is the utility knife with flexibility in usage, brand new to the world.

The main axis of GLOBAL-IST series. Based on our review about basic idea of usefulness, we have searched the best balance that can be used from home cooking to authentic cuisine. We set the blade length to 19cm, which is not too short, and yet not too long. The handle is designed to make users easy to switch the hand position when changing the operation. The curve from heel to edge is nearly straight, and the perfect blade width will give you a control over vertical movement for fine chopping and stripe slicing. On the other hand, the blade grows narrow from edge to tip, drawing a gentle curve. This will assist you to slice and trim block meats without stress. By using the whole curve of the blade, you will feel how smooth you can do émincer (stripe slicing,) ciseler (extreme dicing,) hacher (dicing,) and other techniques you need to do for authentic gastronomy. This is the first utility knife with elasticity in usage to cover from ordinary to subtle cutting.


Small Utility Knife 15cm

Full length: 26cm
Blade length: 15cm
Blade width: 3cm
Weight: 105g
Blade ingredient: cutlery stainless steel(contains molybdenum vanadium)/ Handle: 18-8stainless steel
Blade type: double-bevel
Price: 8,000 yen (tax not included)

Combination of slim blade and plain handle will suite to any situation. The best knife to assist IST-01 Utility Knife.

Starting from zero, our goal for small utility knife among GLOBAL-IST series was to create a knife that “enhances the accuracy of slicing, carving, and other preparations.” Combining the slim blade and the simple handle, it made IST-02 Small Utility Knife 15cm to suite to various usages, especially the “back-slice.” This technique is fundamental to do authentic ciseler (extreme dicing,) such as in French cuisine. The blade length of 15cm seems to be quite long for a small utility knife, but you are able to have a full control over the tip by placing your pointing finger on its spine. On the other hand, it will allow you to take an advantage of cutting large apples or grapefruits from whole. Having astonishing versatility as its unique feature, IST-02 Small Utility Knife 15cm makes itself more than just a general “petit knife.” The unity with IST-01 Utility Knife 19cm is in higher state of complement, you can have the benefit of their full potential.


Paring Knife 8cm

Full length: 19cm
Blade length: 8cm
Blade width: 2cm
Weight: 45g
Blade ingredient: cutlery stainless steel(contains molybdenum vanadium)/ Handle: 18-8stainless steel
Blade type: double-bevel
Price: 7,000 yen (tax not included)

Short blade and simple handle structure –a light-weighted knife. Best tool to do paring, trimming, and decorative carving to vegetables and fruits without any stress.

“Usefulness” is the basic mind for GLOBAL-IST paring knife. That is, to add extra essence: perfectly but easily do tourner (carving vegetables) with comfort. If you want your dish to look perfect, tourner is the clue. This is one of the important preparations to keep foods in good shape and give a mild texture. Tourner performance can affect the result of your cooking. Therefore, IST-03 Paring Knife 8cm was designed to have a slightly short 8cm blade, a handle with a basic shape, and weighs less than about *25% to give you a whole control over the knife. You can also use it to do decorative carving to the vegetables and fruits to add colors to your table.
*  Comparison with GLOBAL GS-38 Paring 9cm


Bread Knife 20cm

Full length: 34cm
Blade length: 20cm
Blade width: 3.5cm
Weight: 160g
Blade ingredient: cutlery stainless steel(contains molybdenum vanadium)/ Handle: 18-8stainless steel
Blade type: scallop (for right-handed and left-handed)
Price: 9,000 yen (tax not included)

Bread knife with airy-smooth edge is born. This is the rare bread knife, which can respond to both hard crust and soft dough.

Baguette, tin bread, bagel, and etc. -bread has a variety of shapes and hardness. For the GLOBAL-IST bread knife, we searched for the complete form to cover the whole variations of bread. As a result, IST-04 Bread Knife 20cm is born by taking over the smooth edge of Japanese traditional knife. 20cm blade length and 2mm thin blade decreases the stress of the first impact when slicing the bread. The edge has shallow scallop waves on the front side and improved the sharpness and durability by Uratori (to grind the blade) on the other side. The gentle curve from the heel to the tip will allow you to cut through the last inch of hard crust, with no extra force and less bread crumbs. In contrast, this blade will not damage soft breads such as croissants and Danishes. IST-04 Bread Knife 20cm is a rare bread knife that can respond to your request in many ways.


DEBA Knife 12cm

Full length: 25cm
Blade length: 12cm
Blade width: 4.5cm
Weight: 180g
Blade ingredient: cutlery stainless steel(contains molybdenum vanadium)/ Handle: 18-8stainless steel
Blade type: single-bevel (right-handed / left-handed)
Price: 9,000 yen (tax not included)

Stylish DEBA knife is now ready for “chef-at-home.” It will help you to fillet various sizes of fish; from small horse mackerel, up to 40cm sized sea bream or chicken grunt. Newly designed handle is easy to grip firmly. Please enjoy exploring seafood filleting!

Being surrounded by the rich ocean, Japanese cuisine was developed by focusing on harvest from the sea. It is still popular to relish fresh seafood nowadays, however, not so many people do filleting at home. Although most of the supermarkets do it for customers and it is worth the price, your effort is what makes your dishes very special. This chic single-bevel Japanese-style DEBA knife is for all of the “chef-at- home” and new challengers. Of course both right-handed and left-handed are the same price, so that everyone can have fun venturing the skill to fillet seafood. No worry for hygiene issue by its one-piece structure. In addition, despite being thin-type DEBA knife, handle have stability and is easy to grip firmly. 12cm blade length will let you to take control over this knife to make fillet quick and neat. IST-05 DEBA Knife 12cm is suitable for home cook size seafood, such as horse mackerel, sea bream, chicken grunt, mackerel, and squid.


YANAGIBA Knife 24cm

Full length: 38cm
Blade length: 24cm
Blade width: 3.5cm
Weight: 205g
Blade ingredient: cutlery stainless steel(contains molybdenum vanadium)/ Handle: 18-8stainless steel
Blade type: single-bevel (right-handed / left-handed)
Price: 12,000 yen (tax not included)

Stylish YANAGIBA knife is now ready for “chef-at-home.” Slim and gently curved blade will let you do back-slice, shave, and skin-slice at your will. Please enjoy fresh SASHIMI by combination with IST-05 DEBA Knife 12cm!

It is well known that there are many types of Japanese cuisine. Since Japan has rich harvest from the sea, one of the popular menus is seafood, for instance, SASHIMI. People nowadays tend to buy prepared SASHIMI. Cut edge affects the quality and it is worth affording professional work, but another important essence -freshness- is what you can earn by yourself. It is always the effort that makes things special. This chic single-bevel Japanese-style YANAGIBA knife is for all of the “chef-at- home” and new challengers. For every seafood lover, we made both right-handed and left-handed the same price. IST-06 YANAGIBA Knife 24cm has a hygienic one-piece structure and the blade length is best for home use.



Purpose GLOBAL-IST exclusive knife sharpener
Ingredient [Body] ABS (heat-resistance temperature 80°C), Polycarbonate (heat-resistance temperature 100°C), Elastomer [Whetstone] WA #150 / WA #150, #1000 Diamond / WA #600 [Spring] Stainless steel
Size Width: 21cm x Height: 6.5cm x Depth: 5cm
Weight 160g
Price 6,000 yen + tax
* Below will be within acceptable range.
Width, height, and depth with an accuracy of ±0.5cm, weight with an accuracy of ±5g

* This sharpener is for stainless steel double-bevel kitchen knife. Do not use for single-bevel nor serrated blade.

The new tool with perfection in sharpening function for GLOBAL-IST’s Extra-edge.

Whether it is Japanese-style (single bevel) or Western-style (double bevel,) it is ordinary to re-sharpen the knife by whetstones if it is originally sharpened by a water stone. But on the other hand, even though you are attracted to the razor sharp edge, you are more likely to hesitate to use whetstones for its difficulty. GLOBAL-IST SHARPENER (GSS-03) will reverse such standard by making it possible to bring back the sharpness of Western-style (double bevel) knifes’ Extra-edge. This will help you take another step forward to become “chef-at-home.”
* Suitable for IST-01, IST-02, and IST-03.