Celebrate the birth of brand-new sharpener, just for GLOBAL knife

GLOBAL SHARPENER was developed by collaboration with a whetstone manufacturer, Ltd. Suehiro, the expert of knife maintenance. This is the dedicated daily-use sharpener for GLOBAL knife in Japan (Japanese market only.) The unique structure of using 2 types of whetstone wheel makes it possible to fix the smooth sharpness of GLOBAL knife.

Purpose Knife sharpener
Ingredient [Body] ABS (heat-resistance temperature 80°C), Polycarbonate (heat-resistance temperature 100°C), Elastomer [Whetstone] WA #320 / Ceramics, #1000 Diamond / Ceramics [Spring] Stainless steel
Size Width: 20.9cm x Height: 6.5cm x Depth: 4.8cm
Weight 166g
Price 5,000 yen + tax
* This sharpener is for stainless steel double-bevel kitchen knife. Do not use for single-bevel nor serrated blade.

Sharpens uniformly angle

A spring is loaded to the bearings of whetstone pieces to reduce the unequal pressure given to the blade. This makes it possible for every user to sharpen the knife smoothly.
(Ltd. Suehiro Utility Model Registration No.3128435)

Removes burr

GLOBAL sharpener will give your knife a long lasting sharpness by its unique structure that sharpens the blade and removes the burr at the same time.
(Ltd. Suehiro Utility Model Registration No. 3010973)

Whetstone clogging prevention and cleansing effect

Using water and spinning the whetstone piece will prevent the whetstone from clogging. It also makes easy to maintain the whetstone.
(Ltd. Suehiro Utility Model Registration No. 3007312)

Two-stage finishing of rough range and fine range

Place the knife along the ditch (horizontally to the table) with a slight pressure, strong enough to feel the spring of bearing sinking down. Move the knife back and forth about ten times.