The charm of GLOBAL is the absolute presence that makes a complete difference between plain cooking tools. With elegance, but robust, yet delicate and stylish all-stainless-steel form with high quality and sharpness will satisfy your request. No any other knife but GLOBAL can make your chores into enjoyment. It will naturally be your best partner for all time.

Yoshida Metal Industry CO., Ltd was established as a western tableware manufacturer. By making use of stainless steel processing technique and applying the manufacture know-how of tableware knife, an innovative concept of “all stainless steel one-piece structure kitchen knife” came up to an idea. Then, in 1983, combining the idea with Komin Yamada’s odyssey for material beauty at highest level, perfect and stunning shape was born.

However, such design was too modern at that period time in Japan, that it was unaccepted by the market. In order to search for a new opportunity, company shifted its focus to market overseas. Introducing GLOBAL at International exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany in 1988, the world praised that “GLOBAL holds a Japanese curvaceous beauty.” This was the beginning of successful history. Mainly among the European countries, famous chefs began to use GLOBAL, and it spread out to the public. Then at last, this popularity came to be recognized in Japan by reimporting to its home country. Starting with a “Good Design Award” established by former Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1990, GLOBAL has won “Cooking Utensil Award 1992,” presented by the Kookguild (a cooks’ association of the Netherlands) in 1992, a “DESIGN PLUS Award” from the host of Frankfurt exhibition in 2001, “Long Life Design Award,” established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2002, and selected as one of the “Japanesque Modern Collection” in 2006. The impact given to the world was extremely strong that a new genre, “all stainless steel” was made in the kitchen knife business. In present, the series kept growing that now it carries more than 100 items based on request from various countries all over the world. This numerous variation is also one of the unique features of GLOBAL.

Blades and knives are used as a holy lucky charm through ages in many customs. “Kaiken (dagger) as protection for bride,” “wedding cake knife,” “scissors at completion ceremony,” “ax at launching ceremony,” and etc. Knives had been used at ceremonies as an icon to make good fortune. We proudly recommend you to send a knife to your families and friends with celebration and appreciations.

GLOBAL’s stylish design and great sharpness will promise you pleasure and enjoyment you can ask nothing more.