New item -GLOBAL Cutting Board Large

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We would like to announce to our customers that new item from GLOBAL series, GCB-02 GLOBAL Cutting Board Large has launched (Japan-limited).

GCB-02 GLOBAL Cutting Board Large

Cutting board is an important partner for knife that cannot be separated. A cutting board made of extremely hard material, or if it is very thin, the impact of cutting can be easily propagated to the knife and may cause chips on the blade or dull the sharpness. This new GLOBAL Cutting Board Large has thickness and a size wide enough to put a whole cabbage. It uses Japanese cypress as a material to support your cutting and slicing knife work by its softness.

The new lifestyle made us spend more time at our home. We began to realize how fun it is to cook and make our own dinners by ourselves. Using the proper tools that matches to foods and dishes, cooking can be done safely and efficiently, with less stress.

A shape easily to lift
The high water-repellent effect compared to the former product, dries faster and less likely to get scratches.

Available at our YOSHIKIN SHOP ROPPONGI and other retail stores.
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